Tuesday, November 18, 2008

August: Osage County

You know you have had a great afternoon in the theater when you are still talking about it a week later. Normally, musicals are the priority on our trips to New York, but with the recommendations from friends, we made this part of our theater agenda.

This is a great play with serious dysfunctional family themes but extremely funny. The humor comes out of the characters but they can surprise you as revelations and relationships are stripped away. The running time is three and a half hours with two intermissions. At the first break my wife who was born and raised in Western Oklahoma, turned to me and admitted "I grew up with these people". There's a lot of truth in the writing!

All of the Steppenwolf company are doing the play in London. Estelle Parsons is playing Violet and is fragile, strong, and great to watch. But this is an ensemble piece and the rest of the cast and their quirky characters. The play reads as good as it plays!


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